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NVTESOL Membership

As a NVTESOL (Nevada Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) member you are forming part of a community of educators, researchers and stakeholders that are working towards serving the population of emergent bilinguals in the state of Nevada. As a member you will have access to resources, a quarterly newsletter and articles written and designed for Nevada educators. You will also have multiple options for professional development that offer credits to NV educators. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to lead workshops and become an active members of the TESOL community in Nevada. 


The NVTESOL committee and team is here to help its members find the resources necessary to help their emergent bilingual students. We are also working towards designing a quarterly newsletter with information of upcoming events hosted by members of NVTESOL. As a member you will also have access to a monthly short article with resources designed to help educators. 


According to Mokhart, 2012, there has been a 200% increase of the English language learner population in Nevada from 1998-2008. Because of this, the mission of NVTESOL is to provide a space for educators, researchers and stakeholders to share ideas and resources that help benefit the emergent bilingual population and all of the students in Nevada schools. Our mission is to also provide new and veteran teachers with a space to collaborate and design lessons that are successful and beneficial for their students. NVTESOL wants to serve as a platform for helping the growing ELL population.


NVTESOL hosts a number of events throughout the year. Always check our website for the most up to date information and schedule. 

In The News
We are an official TESOL Affiliate!

As of March 4, 2020, NVTESOL is an official affiliate of TESOL International. We are very excited about our growth and progress as an organization.

NVTESOL Call For Leaders

We are putting out a call for TESOL Leaders in the state of Nevada. Join our team to keep our organization moving forward. If interested, please email
Supporting Local Teachers


On Mar 2, 2024, NVTESOL met with Early Childhood teachers at SNRPDP's Early Childhood Conference. We passed out information and networked to offer support and resources. NVTESOL returned to SNRPDP's K-12 Literacy Conference on May 4, 2024. It was a pleasure to meet so many dedicated teachers!

Meet the NVTESOL Commitee

This year the NVTESOL  committee is comprised of faculty and staff from Nevada State College. As we continue to grow, we are looking forward to expanding the committee. 


  Bringing NVTESOL to the Valley is long overdue!  I'm thrilled to be a part of this process and look forward to engaging with others to promote the future of NVTESOL

-Roberta Kaufman


   As a founding member of NVTESOL, I look forward to the possibilities the organization can offer Nevada teachers and teacher educators through professional development, leadership and research opportunities, and endless resources.  I envision NVTESOL being a leading professional organization in multi-lingual diversity and development.



      The importance of TESOL is more imperative than ever in our increasingly global and diverse world. The NVTESOL organization is so important for teachers and community representatives that want to expand their knowledge-base, be culturally-sensitive, and to provide an engaging and relevant learning environment for the English Language Learners in their classrooms and beyond.


-Lori Navarrete

-Christine Draper



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